Skiing: Heated Clothing for Skiing


You find yourself sweating  while you're working hard carving the perfect turns or running moguls, and then freezing cold when sitting on the chairlift or waiting for a friend. Until now, there was no clothing that kept you comfortable. Now there is.

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Seniors: Heated Clothing for Older Adults


Due to reduced sensitivity to cold, older adults are especially vulnerable to hypothermia, which can be deadly if not treated quickly. Over 350 seniors die each year from hypothermia.  Our products can help them warm up quickly.

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Hunting: Heated Clothing for Hunting


You don’t like getting cold out there waiting for some prey to come strolling along. It’s no secret that staying warm is the key to a good hunt. You want to shiver from excitement, not from the cold. We can’t help you with the kill but we can help with the cold so you can enjoy your hunt more.

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Watching: Heated Clothing for Spectators


Whether it’s on the sidelines at a kid’s game or sitting in the stadium at Monday night football,  being cold can spoil your fun. Now you can stay warm right into overtime. We can assist!      

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Biking: Heated Clothing for Biking


They don’t call it wind chill for no reason! Late fall and winter riding can be brutal. Complicated wired heating systems can be an answer but you may not want it for all your bikes and isn’t convenient for short rides. Stay warm on or off your bike. How? We’ll show you.

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Winter Golf: Heated Clothing for Golf


You love playing golf in late fall and winter but hate the cold. The courses are deserted, you don’t need to put up with six hour rounds but your body gets stiff and uncomfortable, your performance falls away and the clubhouse starts to look very attractive. No longer. — We have a cure.

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Fishing: Heated Clothing for Fishing (and women!)


Even hardcore anglers feel the cold getting up early for a late fall or winter morning of fishing. It can be brutally cold at dawn. Don’t suffer unnecessarily. We can help you hook up with a solution.

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Keep warm. Anywhere.

Hiking: Heated Clothing for Hiking


You find yourself sweating  as you hike or snowshoe on your way up that hill then a rapid chill kicks in when you take a rest.. You can’t keep layering and unlayering constantly and who wants to look like the Michelin Man!  - We have an answer.

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Buying Guide for Battery Heated Clothing


What to look for when buying battery heated clothing.

How hot does it get? How long will it heat for? These are not the real questions you want answered. What you really want to know is: Will it keep me warm for as long as I need?

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