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Winter Golf News: Heated Clothing for Golf

You love playing golf in late fall and winter but hate the cold. The golf courses are deserted, you don’t need to put up with six hour rounds but your body gets stiff and uncomfortable, your performance falls away and the clubhouse starts to look very attractive. Cold weather clothing is normally bulky and you need so many layers. This can restrict your movement when playing golf. No longer—there are solutions!

A cold wait before your golf game  tee-off can take the edge of your enjoyment. Rechargeable battery heated vests and jackets can keep you warm for hours on the golf course with or without a golf cart. However, some manufacturer’s heated jackets only wire into a golf cart’s battery which may not be much use when you up on the green holding the pin.

Portable, great for on and off the golf course, battery heated clothing will extend your enjoyment in the season and help keep you at the top of your game on or off the golf course.

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