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Why you need heated clothing for skiing.

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Skiing News: Heated Clothing for Skiing

You love early morning runs when the snow is fresh and crisp but hate the cold. The mountain is deserted, you don’t need to put up with long waits at the lift lines, but your body gets stiff and uncomfortable as you slowly freeze on the chairlift on your way up the mountain. your motivation falls away and the lodge starts to look very attractive.

You find yourself sweating while you're working hard carving the perfect turns or running moguls, and then freezing cold when sitting on the chairlift or waiting for a friend.

Cold weather clothing is normally bulky and you need so many layers. This can restrict your movement when skiing. Until now, there was no clothing that kept you comfortable at multiple temperatures but also provided the freedom of movement you need. Now there is.

Rechargeable battery heated vests and jackets can keep you warm for hours on the slopes. Portable, great for on and off the mountain, heated clothing will extend your skiing enjoyment in the season and help keep you comfortable.

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